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2010-11-07 21:14:19 by tuxteeshirt

heres a link 2 my facebook page, like it pls :D

new series of music

2010-10-10 13:11:14 by tuxteeshirt

i have decided to make a new series based off of my experiment 52 soneg. i have begun mixing that sone and i will release it sometime soon. the series will be called the experiments, starting with 52, then 36,24,14,7.5,5.5,3.5,2,1 dont ask me how i got those numbers. the songs will be based of of eachother, 36 wil be based of of 52 and start at the end of it, so that you will be able to listen to all of them one after eachother.
in other words, im making my first album
hope you like it :) /321259


2010-08-30 23:46:54 by tuxteeshirt

i finally got my scanner working so i can ge my series of faceless people on the net :P hope u like :)



2009-05-28 00:57:58 by tuxteeshirt

cows have spots, cows are brown, cows are white,

cows make milk, cows make yogurt

cows are burgers, cows are beef,

cows are always good to eat


2009-05-10 20:34:02 by tuxteeshirt



2009-04-30 22:42:11 by tuxteeshirt

getting the right reverb is very hard


2009-04-20 22:11:12 by tuxteeshirt

cheese is good